Gallery 26, 2601 Kavanaugh Blvd., isn’t afraid  of a little chilled precip, and will be open for First Thursday Shop-n-Sip in Hillcrest tonight 5-8 p.m.

The gallery has a modest proposal in case of bad weather: 

“A straw poll was taken and it has been decided that the following artists will be eaten in this order: Robert Bean, Kathy Strause, and Stephen Cefalo. That at least should get us through the weekend. If you see these artists, please tell them of the “special appreciation” event being held in their honor tonight or just bundle them up in a burlap sack and deposit them at the the Gallery. Thank you!”

 On exhibit at Gallery 26 is its 19th annual Holiday Art Show with work by  more than 70 artists in all media. The show runs through Jan. 11, and includes work by the following:

Acker, Lee Bell
Adams, Darrell
Adams, Cynthia
Arnold, Gayle
Ashcraft, Scott
Bean, Robert
Boyd, Brittany Jane
Bridges, John
Bryan, Ann
Burnham, Ross
Calles, Lee
Cawood, Gary
Cefalo, Stephen
Colburn, Jerry
Cushman, Brad
Delavan, Jerry
Dunaway, Nancy
Edgington, Amy
Fanning, Laura
Frost, Lynn
Glueck, Devin
Green, Rachel
Gribble, Jordan
Harper, Diane
Hayes, James
Heimbaugh, Jennifer
Henry, Rita
Holt, Julie
Jones, Betty
Knowles, Shannon
Kordsmeier, Melissa
Krain, Ben
Kushmaul, John
Lacefield, Mindy
Lamar, Marlene
Lang, Erin
Lang, Walter
Leme, Alex
Lierly, Michael
Linn, Amanda
Lorenzen, Erin
Luber, Elaine
Madden, Brian
McDonald, Brittany
Miller, Patricia
O’Brien, David
O’Brien, Jennifer
Owen, Rhonda
Pasquine, Ruth
Provost, Dale
Rackley, David
Reding, Holly
Roe, Nathan
Rutter, Katherine
Scroggs, Gary
Simmons, Dominique
Singh, Patricia
Smith, Jason
Smith, Marty
Smoot, Leann
Steward, Babs
Strause, Kathy
Taylor, Diana
Trusty, Rachel
Uptigrove, Donna
Waddle, Jeff
Warren, David
Wilcox, Janet Cecil
Wilson, Kat
Wood, Emily