Now thats what I call a  hot dog... @ Green Cart Deli

  • Now that’s what I call a hot dog… @ Green Cart Deli

It’s the most wonderful time of the week! It’s the hap-happiest season of all.


We welcome you have to the best part of our week…Food Feedback Friday. The time where we get to hear from you guys what you’re enjoying recently and what just ain’t working our for you. We like to hear it all.

Last week, most of us were hunkered down in our house, trying to weather the storm. Here’s what you had to say:


Cosmo pondered on the sous vide beef at Taco Bell, which as Amy Kelley Bell pointed out, may not contain any actual “beef” anyway. Righter enjoyed the Cajun Burger at the Faded Rose, ARfoodie was whipping up some chicken and dumplings. Raven was enjoying a frozen pizza fest, Louie was not much better off—living on low fat Italian dressing and garlic croutons. Big Fun posted about one of his favorites, “toasted Boulevard baguette, crispy Wright’s bacon, generous dollop of Duke’s mayo. Build, consume, repeat, etc.”

Alright people, it’s your turn to dish it out. What are you eating this week?