Great story just out today on the website of Filmmaker Magazine about Little Rock’s Renaud Brothers, Craig and Brent, the brains behind the Little Rock Film Festival, who spend the rest of their year shooting documentary and news footage in some of the most dangerous places on earth.  Riveting stuff about the lengths some journalists will go to get to the truth. Among the difficulties: working in areas with no banking system, they’re often forced to carry large amounts of cash on them in places where folks will kill you as soon as look at you. From the article: 


“Working in a combat zone is outrageously expensive. It is not unusual for us to carry as much as $30,000 in cash around our waists in places where cash rules, and ATMs and banks might not even exist,” noted Craig. “Drivers, fixers, translators and security all cost lots of money. In Afghanistan during the war one warlord charged us $7000 per person to be allowed across the border, and a room without plumbing or electricity cost us as much as a night at a five star hotel in New York City. It’s difficult to operate in that environment as an independent without a network backing you.”