Good Weather Gallery, at 4400 Edgemere Road, North Little Rock, will hold a reception from 6-9 p.m. tonight, Jan. 3, for its new exhibit, “Theeere you go,” photographs by Trisha Holt.

Holt’s photographs capture chaos, images that don’t translate into a recognizable whole. The gallery’s statement on the work: 


From some fleeting moments, there are lasting effects. Uniformity (of the photograph and the artist’s identity) subsides in Trisha Holt’s carefully un-composed sculptural scenes: collapse encountered, both archaeologically and biographically, in the gaze of Holt’s eye. The warped, rolled up display of the photograph is evidence of travel (both real and metaphorical). In Theeere you go, Holt is in search of all sorts of absurdities. Tumbling, hiding, and seeking. Through and in. Further and further down the rabbit hole. While Holt glimpses and captures the intricacies of representation, she must create the devices that transport her to these strangely familiar and slightly askew dimensions. Portals suggest passages to these different planes. Each layered and insolent act of cutting holes shapes her search, evolving into a habitual and instinctual act. Eventually, leading to resolution, creation, and a pivot point where the artist recognizes herself (in search of herself); groping through while the vastness spins and entropy resolves itself.

I’m not sure exactly what all of that means, but there it is. Check out her website (at link above) to see some really interesting work. The show runs until Feb. 8.