Local Limes salsa trio

  • Local Lime’s salsa trio

Is this blasted winter finally over yet? I look forward to spring immensely—March, April, and May bring about some of the most exciting food events in Arkansas. Everyone is excited to be out of the cold, and we are all trying to cram in as much as possible before the sweltering heat arrives. Patios begin to open up, food trucks are operating full force, it’s a lovely time to eat.


So what’s going on around you this weekend? Of course, today is a day for sweethearts. I was impressed to find so many good restaurants in Little Rock fill up so fast. I expect to hear some good feedback from you folks going out tonight.

Last week on FFF…SusieQ had some mixed feelings about Franke’s, stating, “The eggplant casserole was OK, almost good. It would have been great, except for the still crunchy onion component. Fried okra was the 2nd choice, $1.98 for a small portion of over-cooked & fried hard okra with a strong “fishy” flavor-a definite fail.” Kevin is still all giddy about David’s Burgers—he writes, “Another excellent burger and fries at David’s. And I always appreciate the prompt, friendly service.” Melissa had a good time at Layla’s, writing, “Went to Layla’s and had the gyro plate and hummus. Awesome as always. Layla’s always deserves an Eat Arkansas shout out.” Consider this your shout-out. I love Layla’s. Still believe they have the best gyro meat in town. Hugh took his first trip to Pho Thanh My, “I tried Pho Thanh My for the first time yesterday upon many recommendations here and elsewhere in my circles. On a cold day like that, there is nothing better in the world than a huge Jethro bowl of Pho Tai and some fresh spring rolls.” And Bob Edwards pretty much nails it with his assessment of South on Main’s new pork cheek dish, “The Pork Cheek with Gnocchi was outstanding! Man, what a dish! Truly delicious.”


Alright all you lovebirds, what do you got for us this week?