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With the rise of the camera phone and cheap digital storage, more pictures are being taken now than at any point in human history. For foodies, that means … well, pictures of food, naturally. As important as the write-ups are on Eat Arkansas and other food blogs, it’s the pictures that really draw people in and get them reading. After all, I can talk all day about how a pizza, taco, or pasta dish looks, but wouldn’t you rather pair those words with a visual that shows exactly what I mean?

To celebrate the art of food photography, Dan and I want to open up the floor to all of you to show off your photography skills, and maybe win some loot in the bargain. To this end, we’re announcing our Spring 2014 Eat Arkansas Photo Contest, and we want to see all those great pictures y’all are taking of the food you’re putting in your face.


Now this isn’t the first Eat Arkansas photo contest; there’s been one other, way back in the mists of time before Daniel and I called this blog our home. The winner of that contest was our good friend Joel DiPippa, who despite the passing of so many years, stands ready to defend his title as food photographer supreme. We’re hoping this new edition of the contest is going to be the start of a bi-monthly event, though, so we’re going to need all of you to participate. Here’s how:

*We start taking photo submissions today, 2/19. Right now. Submissions should be attached to an e-mail and sent to, and should include a brief description of what’s in the photo and where it was taken. One entry per person, please.


*Submissions must be food related. Home cooking, restaurant pics, cocktails, farmers markets, that tomato plant you’re growing on your windowsill — all that sort of stuff is good. Get creative with it, just make sure that it’s related to food in some way.

*Submissions will be accepted through March 9. At this time, our group of judges will take a look at all pictures and choose a top six.

*Starting March 10, our six finalists will have their photos posted on the Eat Arkansas Facebook page, where readers can vote on their favorite by “liking” the picture in question.

*Voting will run from March 15-March 20, at which time the votes will be tallied and a winner chosen. The winner for this month’s contest will receive a pair of South on Main logo coffee cups and a gift certificate for one free scoop of Loblolly ice cream from the Green Corner Store.


*Lastly, all Arkansas Times employees and their families are ineligible for this contest, as are all current or past contributors to Eat Arkansas. The rest of you: Go hog wild!

If you have any questions about the contest, give me a shout-out down there in the comments, or drop me an e-mail. Best of luck to all entrants, and may the best food pic win!