Editor’s Note: It’s with great pleasure that I introduce a new member of the Eat Arkansas family. While she prefers to simply be known here at “Mrs. Jones,” it’s no mystery to me (or anyone else that knows her) that she sure knows a lot about good eatin’ in Arkansas. She and Mr. Jones make their home on “the livin’ side of the river” (as they like to call it), and will—in addition to other things—be giving us a glimpse into what it’s like to eat out in North Little Rock. 

Growing up in the South, the first warm weekend means yellow pollen everywhere, an explosion of flower blooms and a trip to your favorite shaved ice stand. If you happen to live north of the river, that means Hobo Joe’s. This stand combines the best of all worlds: perfectly shaved ice, a huge variety of flavors, syrups that are not too sweet and even soft serve ice cream for the rugged individualists. Hobo Joe’s also stands apart for its inventive variations on snow cones, including sno balls, sno shakes and an intriguing item called Asian Shaved Ice. If all that wasn’t enough, Hobo Joe’s also sells 18 lb bags of ice for $2.

While you eat, you can indulge in people watching with a very interesting cross-section of Central Arkansas. On a recent visit, we mingled with Mormon missionaries, a couple of young Hispanic boys, a very dapper elderly African American man, a soccer mom flying solo with three kids, and a woman cradling a Boston terrier puppy. While sitting on the benches ringing the order window, we shared our delight in our flavor choices (Tiger’s Blood, Pik-a-Chu, and Razorback snow cones and a strawberry cheesecake milkshake on this trip) and talked about how happy we were that Hobo Joe’s was back in our lives.


Hobo Joe’s features more than 60 flavors of snow cones, plus 30 flavors of soft serve ice cream and milkshakes. It’s located at 3621 Camp Robinson Rd in the Levy area of North Little Rock, just off I-40. It is open 1-8 pm, 7 days a week, and accepts cash only. Snow cones range from $1.59 for a kiddie size to $3.09 for a giant size.

Chime in below with your favorite shaved ice stand and your favorite flavor. I’d love to have a Cajun Red Hot v Hawaiian cage match in the comments.