Angela Davis-Johnson, who paints stylized figures textured with paint and fabric, will give a talk tonight at 5:30 p.m. to kick off her exhibition, “Array of Humanity,” an exhibition to benefit Argenta’s Art Connection.

Tonight’s event concludes at  9 p.m.; the show continues Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., happily coincident with the THEA Arts Festival. From the artist: 


“Array of Humanity is a collection of memories, dreams, and images of souls that I have encountered in my life. I created several of these paintings over the past year. With each piece, I wanted to explore a range of human experience; from nostalgia in the country side, to anger of a protest, to a dream about reconnecting with our ancestors. In the words of Terence, ‘nothing human is alien to me’, and I hope to reflect that same sentiment in this body of work”.

Art Connection is an after-school program for high school students that exposes them to the possibilities of careers in the arts, either as an artist or marketer. It is part of the Innovation Hub at 204 E. 4th St., NLR, where the exhibition will hang. (Read about its founding here.) Proceeds from sales will benefit the program, 

Hollie Lewis, executive director of Art Connection, said the show “will allow us the opportunity to raise public awareness of Art Connection’s mission: to help under-resourced youth achieve higher education, citizen leadership and self-sufficiency through paid employment in the creative economy.


For more information, call Lewis at 319-7905.