There are many passionate food lovers willing to drive long distances for food or wait long periods of time to be seated. Despite that, most of us still tend to dine based on convenience. Whether they are the best restaurant in town or simply mediocre, we tend to frequent those places that are closest to our homes and require the least effort to obtain food. It’s the reason many of us still eat fast food…quick, cheap, and conveniently located. As a father of two small, energetic little rugrats, I know just how difficult it can often be to always get what you want when it comes to dining out. Many times, my desires for a night of fancy, fine dining Italian turns into a quick grab-and-go take-out pizza and a 2 liter of Coke. Such is life.

Chef Shuttle aims to change the way we view our take-out options. They’ve been in operation over the last few months in Little Rock, Maumelle, and North Little Rock and have already begun to gather a loyal following. I’ve heard from several friends lately, “You’ve really got to try Chef Shuttle. They’re great!”


Their business model is simple. They offer home delivery for a number of quality restaurants all over the Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Maumelle areas, and they’ll deliver to anyone within these city boundaries. The real draw of Chef Shuttle is your ability to get good food, from good restaurants delivered right to your door for a minimal delivery fee.

I decided to give them a shot recently. I was stuck at home one evening, my wife was out of town, and both my kids were in bed for the night. I was craving Italian…and really wanted some grub a favorite restaurant of mine, Bruno’s Little Italy downtown. Bruno’s can be particularly inconvenient sometimes, though—only open for dinner, long wait times, and it’s a fairly long drive from my west Little Rock residence. Luckily, Chef Shuttle offered to deliver to my home. 


I went online to the Chef Shuttle website  found Bruno’s Little Italy (caution: they also offer delivery from the other “Bruno’s” on Bowman), placed my order, and entered my credit card information. That was it…they quoted me a 1 hour delivery time at check out (yes, it’s a bit of a wait), but they had my food to me in 45 minutes. There was a $5 delivery fee and an option to pay a tip online at time of check-out (you can opt out of this and tip the delivery man in person, also). My food arrived, still warm, carried in an insulated delivery bag. It was still good, despite the obvious time it took to deliver to my door. It wasn’t fresh off the frying pan, of course, but it satisfied my craving nonetheless.

There’s a long list of restaurants already participating in Chef Shuttle, and that list continues to expand as they grow in popularity. Notable Little Rock favorites include Burge’s, Ristorante Capeo, Terry’s, Bruno’s Little Italy, Cheer’s, Cantina Laredo, El Porton, Lilly’s Dim Sum, Taj Mahal, Star of India, Scallion’s, Sweet Love bakery and more. And there are several very popular restaurants that are rumored to be signing up soon…keep an eye on their Facebook page for the latest updates.


Give Chef Shuttle a try. Let us know about your experience.