You may recall that last year around his time, Hillcrest Artisan Meats won a contest held by La Quercia Artisan Foods to determine which butcher in America was the biggest fan favorite. The prize? That beautiful leg of prosciutto over there on the right — a leg of prosciutto that Brandon Brown and the gang shared with anybody in Little Rock who wanted a taste. I had a couple of tastes, and they were both incredible.

Well, today marks the last day THIS year’s contest, and despite running away with the vote last year, H.A.M. is languishing in second place this year. The hometown favorite has faced some stiff competition from a butcher shop in Des Moines, Iowa — and since La Quercia itself is in Iowa, it’s obvious that the home-state crowd doesn’t want Arkansas to bring home the ham two years in a row.

But this is the Razorback State. And we are a proud people. So the rules of this game are pretty simple. You go to this page on the La Quercia website, and you vote for H.A.M. You can vote once every hour, and you can vote on every piece of equipment you own: laptops, tablets, phones — you get the point. We need around 350 votes currently to tie, but the Iowa folks aren’t giving up, so I really need about a thousand of you to get busy. At stake is another leg of delicious acorn-fed pork, free to the fine people of our fine state.

Go vote. We want this contest to be ours for the duration.