Happy Birthday, America! We love you and all the delicious foods you have provided us. In honor of our wonderful nation, I think it would only be appropriate to eat copious amounts of celebratory food. Burgers, BBQ, and pie might be a nice way to start. Let’s get to the feedback, mmmm-kay?

Last week I laid the ground rules for our upcoming Kraft Mac & Cheese food hack competition. Remember, if you’re still interested, you need to email me ASAP at danielpwalker22@gmail.comRead about it here.


Steve has some high praise for the pork jowl pastrami from South on Main: “It’s too bad pork jowls aren’t more common, because this was one of the best lunches I’ve had in a long time. Kudos to Matt Bell and company.” Raven had similar things to say: “I will echo Steve’s comments on the pork jowl pastrami sandwich. It was easily one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever put in my mouth.” EW Swan made it back to Table 28, which is one of the greatest restaurants in this city (IMHO), and had some nice things to say about it: “Wednesday night, I took my family to Table 28, where we once again ate some of the finest food that Little Rock has to offer.” Kevin had a nice lunch at E’s Bistro: “The salmon BLT with a side salad at E’s Bistro made for a great lunch this afternoon.” EY had a great night at The Pantry: “Had an outstanding meal at The Pantry as usual. The roast pork came with a large knife, but fell apart with the fork.” And Bob Edwards also made his way to the Pantry and had this to say: “I had an outstanding lunch this past Friday at the Pantry as well. My friend had the bratwurst plate which he thoroughly enjoyed and I had the wiener schnitzel. Both were excellent.”