With this unusually cool weather lately, I hope you all have been getting out and eating on some patios. I know we have. So, let’s get on with our feedback.

Last week on FFF…


Kevin has officially become a Le Pops junkie: “And got my Le Pops card stamped to completion. Buy 10, get one free. So far, Kiwi Pineapple is my favorite.” I’ve mentioned them before, but Steve has this to say about the meat pies at Maddie’s: “I started with the braised ribeye and blue cheese meatpie. That was a delight, with a slightly sweet pastry crust enveloping tender meat with a wonderful bite from the blue cheese.” Zara has some words for Cache: “Portions were small for price, everything took forever to come out, our tickets were messed up and I was pretty upset paying close to $40 dollars per person for splitting a salad and splitting an appetizer and 2 desserts. And I left hungry which made the night worse.” Mordy lets us know about breakfast burritos from Jay’s Pizza in the RIvermarket: “They use fresh made tortillas from Brenda’s, crisp them up on the outside, stuff them with scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon and potatoes and serve with a side of pico de gallo and a pickled beet and onion relish. It was quite tasty way more than I could eat.” Raven tells us about another great meal at Forty-Two: “I had a really nice take on the traditional Caesar salad at Forty Two. The 42 version featured polenta croutons which were a magnificent addition and really a treat.”