Romance ruins everything. It pervades into every fiber of our social tapestry and fills our minds with the mirage that is wholeness. We are obsessed with “having it all,” whatever that means individually. And when we cannot have it, we feel a varying sense of loss that often propels us toward self injury. At many different points in my stumble I have felt this pang. For me, music has become the anti-venom; a place to sit down inside myself and find balance. A space to appreciate what my efforts could conjure without being bound to notions of completion and failure. So, here’s my mix. Songs To Keep Me From Jumping From Tall Things. Enjoy and share. Dance a step or two.

1. In The New Year – The Walkmen
2. Exhibit C – Jay Electronica
3. I Will Be Grateful For This Day – Bright Eyes
4. Love – Adam Faucett
5. Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio
6. Lemon Grass – MF DOOM
7. Aht Uh Mi Hed – Shuggie Otis
8. Your House – Steel Pulse
9. Ghetto Defendant – The Clash
10. Are You, Can You, Were You(Felt) – Shabazz Palaces
11. Oyimbo – Femi Kuti

Joshua Asante is a photographer and musician in the bands Velvet Kente and Amasa Hines. He’s hosting a Reggae Dance Party at White Water Tavern this Friday at 10 p.m. Amasa Hines’ debut, “All the World There Is,” is available on iTunes and Amazon