1. High Lonesome – “It’s Dawn, I’m Dancing On The Roof” 
Fayetteville garage pop band High Lonesome — named for the Barry Hannah collection — has a new record out this week, “Get Some Young.” Come for the Kendrick Lamar references and stay for the surf rock guitar and all-around good vibes.

2. The Yellow Hope Project – “Let Me Just Love You”

The Yellow Hope Project sounds vaguely Black Ops related but is actually a new Max Recordings band whose album “LOVE” comes out officially next week and is full of top-shelf easygoing back porch music, with assists from Little Rock’s Jason Weinheimer, Chris Michaels, Greg Spradlin, Isaac Alexander, etc.. 

3. Lo Thraxx – “I Often Think”
Fresh off his Arkansas tour with Young Gods of America, Lo Thraxx has a new video which may or may not be something from his forthcoming tape “$harkansas.” He’s really building this thing up in any case. Check out last month’s “Deep Waters” tape if you missed it — apparently a warm up for the real thing. 

4. Xellow – “Drunk Enough”
I’m a fan of Auto-Tune used incorrectly, but I’m aware this is not a majority opinion. Another tape from Fayetteville’s Let’s Talk Figures label.

5. Trasspassers – “Don’t Hang Your Happiness On Me”
These guys played the Arkansas Times musicians showcase a couple of years ago, and have a new record out called “Hennessy Dick.” It is full of what they describe, correctly, as “brightly colored, squiggly keyboard jams.”