Sometimes we will pass a place and not realize we’re missing a diamond in the rough. The food industry is tough, and most places make the mistake of going too big, too fast. But then there are those who are happy serving neighborhood locals great food and wouldn’t have it any other way. This is where Walker’s Wings and Things thrives — right in the middle of their neighborhood in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Having only been open a few short months, Walker’s has already made an impact in the community. On my first trip to Walker’s, the menu  was a just plain piece of white paper consisting of fried catfish dinners, chicken wing baskets and burgers. I decided to give the catfish a try, along with a four piece whole wing basket with fries. The catfish was perfectly cooked: crispy, light, and flaky inside — arguably the best catfish in town. As for the sides, the fries were also hot and fresh, while the slaw was creamy with a touch of sweetness. I have since gone back, and enjoyed one of their double cheeseburgers, a 1/2 pound burger with two hand-made patties, topped with American cheese. They serve it with the cold toppings separate, which avoids warm and wilted lettuce. This is exactly what you want in a burger stand burger: big, juicy, and seasoned well, served with toasted buns. At $5.50, it is most definitely worth the price and then some. Their menu also includes combo meals that can include chicken strips and also butterflied shrimp. Walkers also offers a variety of flavors of wings, from lemon pepper to habanero.

I believe in great service. On my last trip to Walkers, a customer ordered okra, but told them he was allergic to fish. So Walker’s improvised. They cleaned and used a separate fryer to accommodate the customer’s needs. That is great customer service! For folks with allergies, it is great to know that a place is willing to accommodate them.

I think that the folks over at Walker’s Wings and Things in Hot Springs have a very bright future. Taking care of the community with great food, low prices, and excellent customer service, the sky is the limit for them. For now, Walkers is a carryout and cash only establishment, but that doesn’t stop the locals from lining up outside for delicious food.


You can find Walker’s Wings and Things at 136 Silver street in Hot Springs Arkansas.