I try to listen to music constantly. I don’t listen to as much creepingly heavy metal as one would think, and when I do it’s an entire album at a time instead of mixed up. Any mixtape I make usually has Paige Anderson and the Fearless Kin on it. I also LOVE soft rock hits. I have entire comps put together of this stuff, I can’t make a comp without some. The new Patrick Sweany is the shit, it’s on repeat at White Water Tavern and it blows me away every time as if I can’t believe it’s him. This is the comp I listen to when I am indecisive about the other comps. This is a late Saturday and Sunday morning with coffee kinda comp, which are my favorite. Once it gets to Body Count it’s time to get up and get going with errands.

So you see, this vision was only a dream, and this tunneling force was just me

 C.T. is a DJ at KABF, a programmer with the Little Rock Film Festival and the Little Rock Horror Picture Show and a musician in the bands RwakeIron Tongue and Ash of Cedars.