Forrest City native and soul icon Al Green has a problem. For the second time, post-Halloween, his bull has escaped and is reportedly “on the loose” in Shelby County, Tenn. WMC-TV reports: “What’s lurking around the corner this Halloween? It may be a bull.”

The thought of a bull on the loose is worst than any ghost for people in Shelby Forest.

“Terrifying because I have small children,” said a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous. “Once they feel threatened, they are going to protest it’s turf and they could kill you.”

Neighbors near River Bluff Road say they are anything but happy about what seems to be deja vu.

On Halloween 2011, a herd of Al Green’s bulls roamed free through Shelby Forest. It took days to corral the livestock.

The neighbor says that this time around, a dog chased the bull outside of the musical fence.

With just a bucket of greens sitting outside of Al Green’s property to lure the bull back, many people doubt it will be caught.

“A bull could kill you, it would see us as a threat,” said the neighbor. “So, I’m afraid for my children’s safety and my own.”

Deputies drove through the area and were not able to find the bull

Anyone with any information that might lead to the bull’s capture should, I don’t know, call the police or something.