Potentially good news on the horizon for River Market-area pizza lovers and Central Arkansas’s growing legion of beer fans: Little Rock’s Damgoode Pies is moving into the space once occupied by Boscos at 500 President Clinton Ave, and the restaurant plans to brew its own beer on premises using the microbrewery equipment installed by the previous occupant.

Damgoode owner Jeff Trine said that the company signed a lease on the space last week.


“We’re going to do a slice counter with their old hearth oven, and bring in a bunch of big pizza ovens for the back,” Trine said. “We’re hoping to be open by the first of the year. You never know, but we’re not doing a whole lot to the inside.”

Trine said that having an oven dedicated to individual slices should speed things up considerably for those just looking to grab a quick lunch. “We’re fully aware that Damgoode has got a little bit of a reputation for not being super fast,” he said, “but with an oven that’s just dedicated to quick-service slices, I think we’ll be able to turn around lunch customers quickly.”


Trine said that the microbrewery on premises will be churning out beers again once the restaurant clears some licensing hurdles (which Trine said could take up to two months after the new space opens for business). Trine said they’ll be serving a few standard recipes of their own – to be called Damgoode Brews – plus recipes gathered from the local brewing community through competitions and collaborations. He said the restaurant hopes to make the beers coming out of their taps “as communal as possible.”

Former Boscos brewmaster Josh Quattlebaum will stay on to run the operation for Damgoode, Trine said, and will serve as “the focal point” between local brewers and the restaurant.


“The ultimate goal … is that we’ll come up with a unique recipe for our brewery with another brewer,” Trine said. “It won’t be one of their standard beers. The hope is that they’ll come in and we’ll develop a new recipe just for this brewery.”