Like most folks I know around here, I am really influenced by and enthusiastic about all sorts of music. From electro and house, to reggae and dub, golden age hip hop, 80’s EBM, soul, any heavy metal that references the devil, gamelan music, equestrian jazz, hardcore whale songs, machinery noises, you name it, if it’s good I’m into it. As far as actually making music with other people goes though, I’d say stripped down rock and punk, with all of their attendant structures and strictures, comes the most naturally to me. So I’m gonna stay in my lane here and stick to the side my bread is buttered on for this one. None of these tracks are necessarily deep cuts, it’s pretty much the hits, but each of them have stayed with me for a long time, plus all these tunes I picked are under two minutes and ten seconds apiece, so this  playlist is really kind of a minimal-time-investment — 22 minute rock concentrate for your modern busy schedule. 

Jeremy Brasher plays in The Canehill Engagement and The Moving Front. In his spare time, he’s a fledgling real estate magnate/slumlord. On Dec. 23 at White Water Tavern, The Moving Front plays its first show in a long time with Pockets and Radradriot. Then on Dec. 27, he’ll be a karaoke DJ before The American Princes play White Water Tavern.