1. Mikal Evan Childers and Mandy McBryde – “We Can Decide For Ourselves”
Here is a nice duo between Mandy McBryde and Mikal Evan Childers. Very pleasant, safe for work, share with parents. 

2. Keshawn – “Ferrari”
The first single from Little Rock rapper Keshawn‘s forthcoming tape, “Black Friday,” featuring references to Dolemite, 8Ball & MJG and cheese dip. “All I know is work,” he says, and I feel this. 

3. Swampbird – “Jackson, MS”

Little Rock’s Swampbird has a new EP out called “Something To See,” which you can find on iTunes

4. Shane Morris and The Implicit Order – “Swamp Ritual Death Cult”
“The sonic story of Cypress reflects a common sequence in humanity of loss, hope and redemption,” Fayetteville’s Shane Morris explains of his new ‘Southern Noir’ ambient concept album, “Cypress.” Recommended for fans of “Twin Peaks,” New Age crystal cults and recreational hypnosis. 


5. DMP – “Since A Jit”
Years from now people will remember Little Rock mostly as “That city DMP was from.” 

6. Namikaze – “Blue Grass Zone”
A lot of people have been asking me, “Why don’t you cover more 15-year-old EDM producers from Maumelle?” Here is my concession to that contingent: Namikaze’s new record, “Fuji Wave Winds.” This is what I imagine it would sound like to overdose on ketamine while playing laser tag.