1. Gibberish – “Memo”
This is from an album called “Winter Coat” by Fayetteville’s Derek and Lorie Bromley, who make gorgeous, spacey indie rock together as Gibberish

2. ettiem – “Way To Heart”
Here’s something new from North Little Rock producer Andrew Morgan, also of Country Florist and Chinese Girls. For no particular reason, I recommend you listen to this while watching this clip from “Dead Man.” 


3. 2K Gang – “I2YN”
We will all be fine in 2015, if only because Little Rock is still capable of producing a group like 2K Gang. This is brutal and great. Watch these guys

4. Nathan E. Moore – “Doggies”

Nathan E. Moore’s album “The Buzzard and the Worm” is recommended to any fans of fragile, home-recorded freak folk full of reed instruments and references to “moonbeams.” It’s halfway between the quirky, jaw-harp Americana of Van Dyke Parks and the voice-cracking sentimentality of someone like Bright Eyes.


5. Hector $lash and Wolfymane – “TTTC”

Fresco Grey produced this track, and from the sound of it he’s finally ascended to another plane of consciousness altogether. Also Wolfy Mane has one of the best voices in Little Rock. 

6. Drexx the Moon God – “Activity of the Youth”


Here’s someone I’ll be making an effort to pay more attention to in 2015: a 15-year-old in Maumelle who goes by Drexx the Moon God. He’s on to some haunted, New Age, subliminal Dragon Ball Z magick here, unpolished and totally upfront about his influences but also unhinged (and willing to appear unhinged) in a way that seems inspired. An earlier song from last year, “Morgizabeth,” is even catchier, and Drexx spends the whole video pretending his shoe is a cell phone.