Red tape, renovations, and other issues have been a sort of death by a thousand cuts for Superior Bathhouse Brewing. Sure, the attractive bar located in one of Hot Springs’ classic bathhouses has been doing great business with food and drink, but none of those suds have come from their own recipes.

All that changes today. From the Superior Bathhouse Facebook page:


Ok Arkansas, the moment you have been waiting for! We have been brewing like crazy and we are so happy to have our Hitchcock Spring Kolsch on tap starting today (Jan 22)! Stop by the Superior this weekend for a pint or fill a growler of beer from the world’s first brewery to use thermal spring water! We have 3 other beers in various stages of ferment, so look out in the upcoming weeks for Superior Pale Ale (SPA), Whittington Park Wheat (Hefeweizen), and the Foul Play Brewlesque (Oatmeal Stout).

I’ve had many a good meal at the Bathhouse, and took a tour of the facilities last year at a time when they were still working on the logistics of brewing beer in a place that’s seen more naked people than any other bar in Arkansas. Congrats to brewmaster Rose Cranson and her team — I can’t wait to get down to the Spa City and sample your wares.