I am skeptical of restaurants that throw seemingly incongruous concepts together on their menus. Case in point, Table Mesa Bistro in Bentonville. I opened the menu, and there were things like Korean BBQ tacos and curry chicken burritos. For real? Whatever happened to the taco joint?

Oh wait, nevermind. Table Mesa is awesome.

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First, let’s talk about the chips that come with the “dipping duo” of fresh guacamole and smooth queso. There are corn chips, sure, but there are also something I could eat all day: plantain chips. Slightly sweet, fantastic texture — these were a great taste experience that I encourage any restaurant who serves chips to consider adding to the menu. Seriously, just sneak a few of those suckers in there among the tortilla chips. It will work, I promise.

Next, the tacos. They’re great. I ordered a couple of slow-roasted beef tacos and got two huge flour tortillas stuffed with tender, spicy beef, fresh tomatoes and onions, and just a little bit of cheese. I can’t say enough about how good this beef was — juicy, melt-in-the-mouth tender, and full of excellent spice. A side order of black beans and rice were a cut above the more common refried beans, and the result was a plate that was fresh, savory and utterly fulfilling.


As a committed taco lover who eats them from pretty much anywhere he can get them, let me recommend Table Mesa’s versions any time you find yourself in the Bentonville area. Well, let me amend that: You should make plans to visit Bentonville, and one of the things you can’t miss there are Table Mesa tacos. You’ll thank yourself, you’ll thank me, you’ll leave with a clean plate and a happy disposition.