1. Lo Thraxx – “Bust It”
Lo Thraxx has a new mixtape called “Sharkansas” coming out someday soon. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. On the other hand, maybe not — he’s been advertising this thing forever. He’s released other whole mixtapes in the interim. It’s becoming the Little Rock “Detox.” As long he keeps making singles like this one, though, I doubt anyone minds. 

2. Rodney CoLe – “V I C E S”
Here’s a new one from Rodney CoLe, who also should have another new full-length on the way if I remember correctly. This is great, and not only because of that “Chonkyfire” hair metal guitar or the beat that sounds like a video game explosion.  

3. The Uh Huhs – “Creepin Away”
The Uh Huhs are a new four-piece garage rock band from Little Rock. This is an 8-track demo they put online last month, a song about having trouble getting out of their heads / beds. 

4. Yung Kirito – “Just Breathe”
Blunt Mobb’s Yung Kirito used to go by Rino El Camino (and apparently still does when he makes beats), but he’s reinventing himself in 2015. This is a track from his forthcoming album, something he released a few days ago along with an EP he recorded with a young producer named BandoKen. If everyone in Little Rock was this prolific and imaginative we’d have the best music scene in the South. 


5. Sea Nanners – Tiny Desk Concert
Here’s Little Rock’s Sea Nanners playing music at a desk, their entry in NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Contest. If they win, they get to perform at a much nicer desk, in Washington D.C., a desk that last year featured the likes of Cat Stevens and T-Pain