Artist V.L. Cox is preparing an installation, “End Hate,” that addresses the cynical, abominable bills coming out of the state Legislature to protect discrimination against the LGBT community (SB202 and HB1228).

“End Hate” is a series of doors labeled as to who may enter — like the bad old days of “whites only” and “colored only” that it is my misfortune to remember from childhood. Cox explains:

The “End Hate” series is an conceptual art project based on the labels once placed on doors, not that long ago, from our shameful past. These doors convey a message. To remind others of how dangerous and repressive the labels of discrimination can be, and how everyone deserves the right to walk through any and ALL doors with dignity and respect.

A team of artists is painting the doors for distribution around the state. If you’re interested in hosting the installation, contact Cox at 501-786-1382 or