1. Nouns – “Daydream”
Not long ago Conway punk band Nouns released a whole album, called “Still,” and I didn’t notice, but really it wasn’t that long ago, all things considered, and you should check it out. It’s smart and sometimes moving — brief, angular post-hardcore songs, damaged pop and ambient-industrial interludes. 

2. Saeuce Millz – “What Are We Smoking”

Saeuce seems to know exactly what he is smoking, but I see what he means. Also, this video is very eerie and kind of an accomplishment, whether you personally care for moody weed rap or not.

3. Voodoo Phaser – “Evasionism”
I’d never heard of Voodoo Phaser before stumbling on this, but it’s great — smooth Euro art-school psych-rock in the vein of maybe Stereolab. 

4. DMPLIQ ft Rodney CoLe – “My Tool”

DMP here joins forces with their older brother (literally and figuratively) Rodney CoLe, and they all seem like they’re having more fun than anyone else on this list. 


5. Penis Grenade – “8:15 a.m.”
I spent a few months sleeping on a broken air mattress in Conway, where half-serious experimental-noise project Penis Grenade are based, and their music comes closer than anything else to capturing the Faulkner County aesthetic.