Was Little Rock at the turn of the century a stranger, headier, more ambitious place? Was it more fun? I’m perennially haunted by these questions, and if art-rock duo Chinese Girls is any indication, the answers are clearly yes. We’re in luck, though: the band’s recordings are set to be reissued this spring by Drawing Room Records (also home to band member Andrew Morgan’s new project Country Florist). Started at a Halloween party in 1999 by Morgan and Sam Murphy, the band made delay-heavy, energetic post-punk (some of which you can find here). 

Watch some live footage and a rare interview with the band (by T.J. Deeter of The Localist) over at the Towncraft website.

Listen to the guest mix Morgan made us last year here

And here, deep from the archives, is an immersive VHS nightmare of a music video re-released to mark the occasion: