Jeff Trine with Damgoode Pies says that their new River Market outlet, housed in the old Bosco’s Space at 500 President Clinton Ave., will do a “barely open type scenario” this Sunday starting at 11 a.m. to serve those running and spectating at the Little Rock Marathon. Only slices and drinks will be served, though people will be able to get a look at the new space. The official grand opening will be on March 14. 

Trine said that one wrinkle in this Sunday’s plan is that the pizza ovens for the River Market location aren’t scheduled to be delivered until Friday. If they aren’t installed ready to go by 11 on Sunday, he said, their contingency plan is to bring in pizzas from other Damgoode locations to meet demand. The restaurant hopes to do a soft open next week. “The weather has pushed us back three different times, and so we’re playing it by ear next week. If there’s service available, we’ll make announcements on Facebook.” Visit the Damgoode River Market Facebook page here. 

Trine said that the on-site brewery is up and fermenting (alas, they won’t be serving beer on Sunday), and all they need to clear the last hurdle for their liquor license is a final health inspection.   

“We’re asking everybody to have a little patience with us,” Trine said. “This is a bigger venture than we’ve ever taken on, and it’s going to be a little tricky getting into it.”