Tales from the South, the live radio program featuring Arkansans telling true stories, is dedicated tonight and tomorrow night to the people the Arkansas Legislature has officially proclaimed 2nd class citizens. “End Hate; True Stories Told by the LGBT Southerners Who Lived Them” is sold out both tonight, when it will be held at the Arkansas Arts Center (arrive between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.), and tomorrow night at the Oyster Bar, but it’s possible someone won’t show up and you can squeak in. 

Tonight’s storytellers are Tippi McCullough, who was fired from her job as an English teacher at Mount St. Mary Academy for marrying her partner of 14 years; Zeek Taylor, the Eureka Springs artist; and Randi Romo, a longtime Little Rock gay rights activist. Mark Simpson and Brad Williams will provide the music.

Wednesday’s storytellers are Rebecca Buchanan, executive director at Ozark Folkways; Debbie Steward and Jill Duvall. Mark Simpson will provide the music.

Serving as backdrop to the events is the “End Hate” installation by V.L. Cox. 


Tickets, if you can manage to get in, are $15. More if you are a member of the legislature and voted to make it illegal to pass anti-discrimination laws.