First things first: I like Tokyo House just fine. I just don’t eat there very often. As a matter of fact, before the wife and I walked in last Friday night, it had been nearly three years since we’d darkened the doors of the Shackleford sushi buffet. I really don’t have a good reason for this, other than I forget how good the food is, how fresh the fish tastes — not to mention the multiple add-on dishes like gyoza, grilled steak with onions and one of my favorite seafood dishes of all time, salt and pepper shrimp. 

I’m not likely to forget again any time soon.

Friday night is definitely the best time to hit Tokyo House, because despite a more expensive price tag for the buffet, you will get what you pay for. Albacore, yellowtail, red snapper, fresh salmon — on and on and served as sashimi, as nigirizushi or stuffed into a wide variety of rolls, all stretched out around a large setup with multiple sushi chefs working to keep things as fresh as possible. It’s a fish lover’s dream. And I’m not sure if I was really hungry or if things have improved since my last visit, but I don’t remember enjoying the place nearly as much as I did on this last visit.

If the Friday night buffet has one problem, it’s that folks don’t have a ton of manners when it comes to the “all you can eat” concept. Yes, on Friday nights there are unlimited crab legs at Tokyo House. No, you should not empty a fresh pan of them onto your plate as soon as they hit the steam table, lady in front of me. Or young teenage patron in front of me on a return trip. They aren’t going to take your crab legs away from you, Little Rock. Calm down and let somebody else have a turn. Like the fox with the grapes, I decided after that second trip that I didn’t like crab legs anyway and just went back to the really raw stuff — that, at least, seems to be avoided by the heartiest of eaters.


So, the good: pretty much everything at Tokyo House. Fish as fresh as any sushi joint in town, and as tasty, too. The bad: Little Rock’s crab leg-loving solipsists. Seriously. Leaving a scrap or two is not “leaving some for others.” Work on it, okay?