The Rock Candy mix of the week is a partial list of songs that mention the 1994 HBO documentary “Gang Wars: Bangin’ In Little Rock.” I’ve omitted local songs, because I’m more interested in the way the movie defined the city for outsiders as a kind of metonymic shorthand. (Also, the list would just be too long — see, locals Young Freq and Kari Faux in 2014 alone.) I’m sure I’m still leaving out plenty, feel free to suggest more in the comments. 

1. David Banner – “Fire Falling”
“Little Rock been bangin’, slangin’, gettin they g’s.” 

2. Outkast – “Elevators (Me & You)”
“Putting the South up on the map was like Little Rock to banging.”

3. Big Moe ft. Z-Ro – “We Won’t Stop”
“Little Rock streets it be too hot, get your Glock.” 

4. Mobb Deep – “USA (Aiight Then)”
“To my Little Rock clique, y’all is heartless.”

5. Capone N Noreaga – “All We Got Is Us”
Capone and Noreaga mention Little Rock twice here, most meaningfully toward the end of the song, after a few other dedications. “I feel your struggle,” Noreaga says. “I went through it the same way. I’m still goin’ through it the same way.”

6. Ice Cube – “Extradition”
Granted, Cube probably only went with “Bangin’ in Little Rock” because it rhymed with “cock,” but let’s not split hairs. 

7. Master P – “Bout It Bout It II”
“In Little Rock, Arkansas they bangin’ I mean they bout it.”