1. Love Ghost – “There He Stands”
Love Ghost has been around for several years but is rarely seen, could even be considered elusive. Helmed by Jason Weinheimer, of Fellowship Hall Sound and a thousand beloved local records, the band also includes — or has, in the past — Jesse Aycock and Jeff Matika and Eric Ardnt and Dylan Turner and Dave Easley. Here’s a really promising preview of their forthcoming album, “Skies Are Grey,” which you can expect sometime this spring. 

2. Liquid Skulls – “No Future”
Ice-cold darkwave driving music from Liquid Skulls, the recording moniker of Little Rock’s Jimmy Spice. 

3. Kidd B & Wayne D – “When I Was Down”
This starts out like a local entry in the spiteful brag-rap genre most recently exemplified by Drake’s “How Bout Now.” How the tables have turned, etc. But it gradually emerges that things might not all be so great for them, even now. Which is still poignant, and maybe more so.

4. Whilt – “descentia”
Here’s the opening track and maybe the best track from a record by a Fayetteville lo-fi indie rock band called Whilt. Like a Spaghetti Western theme, or a last minute, irreverent funeral march. 


5. Livesosa – “Dripp Music”