Want to spice up your Easter candy eatin’ this year? Put down the Whitman’s Sampler and tell Russell Stover to stow it. There’s only one chocolate you need for a great Easter basket: Cocoa Rouge.

“Hand-crafted” is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot, but there’s no other way to describe these chocolates. I’ve watched the Cocoa Rouge team shake and stir and eyeball their chocolates meticulously just to insure that the chocolate is the same thickness across every piece. The fillings are all handmade. And delicious. 

The box of chocolates has suffered a blow to its reputation thanks to cheap companies turning out garbage products. Cocoa Rouge wants to change that idea and change your perceptions. Try some today. Try some more tomorrow. And give the gift of chocolate. 

Cocoa Rouge is available from the following local businesses: