Most cities and towns have that one place that has been serving great food to the locals for decades. Everyone knows the menu and has a favorite item. We love it, and whether we know it or not, it is comfort food to us. When all others fail us, we know where to go for a can’t miss meal. Taco Pronto in Hot Springs is that type of place.

In 1969, before there were any other Mexican restaurants or eateries in Hot Springs, there was Taco Pronto. Now, with almost 20 places claiming to serve authentic Mexican food, Taco Pronto stands alone as the only place to serve Tex-Mex fare—or should I say the only one to admit to it. Either way, Taco Pronto has become an institution in Hot Springs, at one time boasting three locations around town. Now there is only one location at 4350 Central, but the menu hasn’t changed over the years.

On my very first visit, back in 1991, I ordered a combo burrito (beef and bean burrito) covered with chili and cheese with onions. When I visit Taco Pronto these days, I am still able to get the same burrito, prepared the exact same way, and with a very small increase in the price. There are still all the favorites on the menu, from Pronto burgers, soft tacos, and the cheese crisp, a large fried tortilla covered with cheese and jalapenos and heated until the cheese melts. No matter what you order, you can bet the recipe is the same as it was decades ago,. The salsa verde and house red salsa are still some of the best in town. The buns on the Pronto Burger are still the same soft steamed buns as always. They just keep doing what they do.

If small, pretty plates of food are your thing, chances are you won’t like Taco Pronto. But if a big serving of great tasting Tex-Mex is what you crave, Taco Pronto will be right up your alley! From huge burritos, Pronto burgers, soft tacos or enchiladas, Taco Pronto has you covered—just like they have since back in ’69.