Caleb Looney
and Alisyn Reid are looking to tap into a new niche in the Arkansas brewing scene by pairing a couple of their favorite things, beer and yoga, together to open what might be the nation’s first combination brewery/yoga studio, Asana Alehouse Brewing Company. A quick Google search reveals a few breweries across the country offering occasional yoga classes, but these two are making beer and yoga the focus of their entire operation. From the name of the brewery itself, beer names and basic yoga principles of a positive mind and relaxation during the brewing process, they’re looking to make both yoga lovers and craft beer lovers happy.

Hoping to open by the end of the year, the husband and wife team tell me that currently they’re looking in the Hillcrest or Heights area for a location while getting their application for a native brewer permit filed. In the meantime they’re perfecting recipes for some of their flagship beers like a Lavender IPA, Savasana Stout, Fiery Ginger Beer and a Summer Wheat. They hope to have these on tap most of the time with a few more experimental, one-off type beers regularly rotating.


They’re brewing on a 1 bbl system now but are about start a Kickstarter campaign to hopefully raise funds for a 3 bbl brewhouse. To generate some interest for the Kickstarter you should be seeing some sampling opportunities this Summer, starting with these tentative dates for your event calendar:

June 4th at E. Leighs in Little Rock
June 13th at Crush Wine Bar in Argenta
June 18th at Southern Accented in Little Rock


We’ll update with more news as we get it. 

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