Mugs Cafe — sounds like a place to see mugs, right? You will this Friday night, when  you head to the cafe, 515 Main St. in Argenta, where “The Original Selfies — Artists Self Portraits” is on exhibit.

Mugs is just one of nine venues that will be open for Argenta ArtWalk, 5-8 p.m., this month: Also participating are Argenta Gallery, 413 Main St.; Argenta Community Theater, 405 Main St.; the House of Art, 108 E. 4th St.; the Argenta branch of the Laman Library, 420 Main St.; Greg Thompson Fine Art, 429 Main St.; First Presbyterian Church, 201 W. 4th St.; Claytime Gallery, 417 Main St.; and the North Little Rock History Commission, 506 Main St. That’s a lot of ground to cover, but all are snug in downtown North Little Rock.

New shows include “Eluvium and Formation: Abstracted Landscapes,” sculpture by Ed Pennebaker and paintings by LaDawna Whiteside at Argenta Gallery, and “Dennis McCann: A History” at the Laman library branch. First Presbyterian is showing “A Splash of Color,” work by Angela Green, and Larry Pennington will show barrel-fired raku at Claytime. Vintage jewelry by Sparklythangs will be at the History Commission. Art Connection will show work by the paintings, prints, mixed media and jewelry by teen artists.

“Southern Landscapes,” work by Walter Anderson, John Alexander, Carroll Cloar, Sheila Cotton, William Dunlap, Charles Harrington, Dolores Justus, Edward Rice, Kendall Stallings and Rebecca Thompson, continues at Greg Thompson Fine Art. 


Singer Charlotte Taylor will perform at ACT, where there will also be art on exhibit, and there will be an open mic session with Precious Palmer at the House of Art.

Just got a list of the artists appearing in the “Selfie” exhibition: Emily Moll Wood, Denise White, Byron Taylor, Kesha Stovall, Dominique Simmons, Bob Simmons, Steven Rockwell, M.J. Robbins, Bonnie Nickol, Greg Lahti, Kevin Kresse, Jeanie Hursley, Tanya Hollifield, Marianne Hennigar, Jim Harper, Diane Harper, Jennifer Freeman, Judith Faust, Tim Ellison, Michael Church, Sophie Boyd and Fran Austin.