One of the places I miss from my years as a Saline County resident is Eat My Catfish, which started off as a little food truck off Benton’s Military Road and turned into one of the hottest restaurants in central Arkansas, picking up a slew of Readers Choice awards from various publications around the state including the Arkansas Times.

Times have been good for Eat My Catfish—the owners have just announced the completion of a huge expansion project that added 60 seats to the dining room, expanded the kitchen, freezer and prep space—plus added an additional drink and condiment station to handle the crowds of catfish, mudbug and fried pickle loving masses.


It’s been a hot minute since I made my way down to Eat My Catfish, but I think I’ll have to put them on the agenda sooner rather than later so I can see how everything looks. I’ve no doubts about the food, though—it’s always hot, fresh and very delicious.