Little Rock is a beautiful city filled with beautiful neighborhoods, but perhaps one of the most exciting locations for out of town guests is downtown. With the River Market, trolley cars, and beautiful bridges, this location is a great area to spend an afternoon strolling around. It’s hard to believe that just 20 years ago, this area of town was a symbol of urban blight and decay, because these days, our downtown area is a bustling part of town full of new construction, and has become an area full of places to shop, eat, drink or just enjoy the beauty of the Arkansas River. So, where should you bring your guests for a good vegetarian or vegan meal? I have a few suggestions:

*Ottenheimer Hall: There may be no better place downtown to bring a group of people with varying food tastes. From Mexican food to Thai food to BBQ, there is sure to be something everyone will like. Vegans will be particularly excited, though, because The Veg LLC puts out delicious, hearty vegan food. With communal seating, everyone can grab what they want and still sit down to break bread, or pull apart loaded vegan nachos, with each other.


*Three Fold Noodles and Dumplings Co: If you want to show off where our food scene is going, look no further than Three Fold. The simple menu showcases real, authentic Chinese food. Diners will be impressed with the deep flavors and beautiful interior. Veggie lovers can rejoice, because the menu at Three Fold puts as much focus on their vegetarian dishes as the meat choices.

*Revolution Tacos and Tequila Lounge:
 The Revolution Room might have an active night scene, but they also have a pretty good kitchen. Their menu revolves around a taco theme, with many options for the vegetarian or vegan. They have some killer salsas as well, which are sure to be a hit when entertaining a big group of people. The atmosphere is fun and lively, and if you find yourself there on a weekend morning, be sure to hit up the build your own bloody mary bar.


*Damgoode Pies: Everyone likes pizza, right? So, take your group to Damgoode and share some pies! They have great vegetable pizza that can be made without cheese, plus sandwiches and salads. The interior has some of the remnants of the former Boscos, but it’s been remodeled with a slice bar and comical paintings of fanciful beers. The long patio stretches across the back of the restaurant, facing the river, and is a great spot to watch festivities at the River Market and enjoy a cold drink.

*The Capital Hotel: Do your guests have a flair for the fancy? The Capitol Hotel is an impressive establishment of beautiful architecture with two great dining opportunities. If you want a high class meal, hit up One-Eleven. Just tell the staff your dining preferences, and they’ll be sure to whip you up an amazing meal. If you want a great cocktail and a meal at a lower price point, head into the Capital Bar and Grill. Snack on the fried black eyed peas while you check out the tasty menu items. Veggie lovers will be happy to see the black eyed pea hummus, seasonal vegetarian soups, baked penne pasta with no cheese for vegans.


As you can see, there is a wide variety of great food in downtown Little Rock, and these five places only touch the tip of the iceberg. Whether you want casual, easy dining, or a posh night on the town, there really is something for everybody.