Back in January, I visited with Mark Bray of Airship Coffee who told me that his roastery was expecting a new neighbor: Bentonville Brewing Co. I’ve really got to hand it to the people of Benton County—they decided to make the switch from “dry” to “wet” only a handful of months ago, and now they’ve got two breweries producing beer for the masses (along with quite a few very nice bars and restaurants serving high-end cocktails).

Owner Lee Robinson opened his brewery in the old industrial part of town, but while it may be a little ways away from the spiffed-up square, it’s still a comfortable taproom decked out with solid wood tables and a cozy bar. There’s patio seating, too, although it was so warm on my visit that my visit to the patio wasn’t for very long.

It’s a nice place, and while the initial line-up of brews isn’t anything experimental, I was especially pleased by a light, lemon-colored witbier that was just perfect for the sunny weather. We were there on only their second day open, so it will be interesting to see how these recipes change over time—and interesting to see what new things the brewery brings online.

Always good to visit a new brewery, especially in places that haven’t historically had them. You know, like all of Arkansas.