If you have kids who are into comics — or if you’re into comics and you have kids who you want to be into comics — head to the Central Arkansas Library System’s Children’s Library tomorrow, Tuesday July 14, for the latest installment in the “Comic Tuesday” summer series sponsored by CALS. It starts at 4:30.

The series recruits local artists and illustrators to lead workshops teaching children about the world of sequential art. Tomorrow’s session, “One Page Comics,” will be led by Layet Johnson and Deshaun Jones, both Little Rock natives. (They’re also both good friends of mine.)

Tuesday’s workshop is for ages 8 and up, although non-children are welcome too. Be advised that if you’re unfortunate enough to be an adult, you might have to relinquish your seat for a kid, should space be tight. That’s all part of adulthood, folks, sorry.

Johnson, whose prolific work loops like a dolphin from free-form cartoons to conceptual one-offs to occasional glimpses of realism, created the cover image for our first Fiction Issue last fall. Jones appeared in our Big Ideas issue in December for a proposal for a West Little Rock “sprawl tax”; he graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in sequential art.


Summers in Arkansas can be divided into two parts, temperature-wise: The reasonable portion, when being outdoors is a trial, and the unreasonable portion, when you can actually feel your bones melting inside your flesh. It’s looking like this is the week we cross the threshold into unreasonable territory. Thus, for parents looking to limit their kids’ screen time over the next month or so, I suggest you distribute some paper and markers and delve into non-electronic images with the help of CALS and its volunteers. Stardom awaits.

For dates and times of future Comics Tuesdays events, here’s a flyer from the Children’s Library: