It’s been rather quiet here in Eat Arkansas land for the last couple of weeks, and that’s due entirely to my being wrapped up in finishing our first edition of Arkansas Made, a magazine that will highlight some of the best and brightest artisans in the state. It’s been a huge project that has kept me running for awhile now, and things should return to gloriously abnormal here before much longer.

I am still eating, of course (breathing, too), and I thought I’d throw a few recommendations your way of things I just can’t get enough of right now. Got something you’re obsessed with? Let us know down there in the comments.

*Wicked Mix: Speaking of delightful products made in Arkansas, how about the best snack mix ever? I don’t even have a preference in flavor between the Spicy Original, Spicy Hot Chipotle or Chocolate-Laced versions of Wicked Mix, although I do have to say that there’s something quite compelling about a spicy-sweet mix of cereal, nuts and pretzels drenched in white and milk chocolate. Still throwing money away on bags of mass-produced snack mix that tastes like cardboard dusted with MSG? You need to get wicked. It’s seriously the tastiest, most well-balanced snack mix I’ve ever tried.

*Boulevard’s Parma Sandwich: Sometimes, the best things in life are the simplest, and with that in mind, let me sing the praises of the Boulevard Parma Panini. The sandwich is so basic: thin-sliced prosciutto di parma and provolone on a baguette, pressed and served hot. It’s the pressing that makes this so good (well, and the pork). The provolone gets toasted and caramelized on the edges, and the salty ham is the perfect complement to bread and cheese. It’s a delight, and I’ve been known to eat one of these delicious sandwiches multiple times in a week.


*Arsaga’s Coffee: I’ve been drinking Arsaga’s coffee for years, but only recently have I had it in a conventional coffee maker with any regularity. Bold without being over-roasted, flavorful without any sourness—this is good, rich coffee that stands head and shoulders over that place with the mermaid logo.

*Three Fold: The initial buzz of insanity about this downtown eatery may have died down, but let me tell you—Three Fold is still amazing. Noodles, dumplings or steamed buns; it doesn’t really matter to me what I get from the place, it’s always delicious. Tell them to make your dumplings extra spicy and sweat your way to bliss.


That’s what’s on my plate right now—over to all of you.