I stopped into Kelli Marks’ Sweet Love Bakes the other day to pick up some of her excellent macarons for an Arkansas Made photo shoot, and while I was catching up with her, she recommended I grab a slice of a pie she says has gotten really popular of late: Sweet Tea Pie.

Now. I love pie. I don’t write about it much since my Eat Arkansas predecessor, Kat Robinson, literally wrote the book on Arkansas Pie, but I do love it, and I’d never had any such a thing as “sweet tea” pie. But I trust Kelli, so I took a piece with me, shot a few photos, and then had it for my after lunch treat.

It was, in a word, delicious.

First, the crust was tender and flavorful, with just the right amount of baked, caramelized flavor on the edges. Pie crust is something I’m really pick about, so trust me when I say that this was an excellent version. The filling was reminiscent of of chess pie in texture, smooth in the middle and the slight crunch of browned sugar on top. But the flavor…really did taste a lot like sweet tea with lemon, and in a very good way. Dark, rich, not too sweet and just the right amount of lemon and tea flavor—this is fine baking alchemy at its best.


If you haven’t been to Sweet Love in awhile, here’s a great reason to go. Some other great reasons? The cookies, cakes and other baked treats available. It’s a can’t miss menu, so don’t miss it.