It’s 2nd Friday ArtNight tonight, the gallery stroll/trolley circuit of downtown galleries, featuring at the Butler Center galleries work by three of Arkansas’s finest artists: David Bailin, Warren Criswell and Sammy Peters. The images here do not do justice to the exhibition, “Disparate Acts Redux,” because they don’t capture the lush surfaces of the paintings, the beautiful marks of the drawings. The works are one of a kind — disparate among themselves, unlike work you’ll see elsewhere — and superbly realized. 

Bailin, Criswell and Peters have gotten together for lunch and to talk about art for 30 years. They met often at Damgoode Pies, but resisted calling their group show “Damgoode Artists.” Instead, they decided to call attention to their disparate styles but shared passion, first for their exhibited last year at Arkansas State University and now here, “redux.”


Also at the Butler Center, see “Weaving Stories and Hope: Textile Arts from the Japanese Internment Camp at Rohwer, Arkansas” in the Concordia Gallery. The galleries, in the Arkansas Studies Institute at 401 President Clinton Ave., will be open until 8 p.m.