A new book, “Scars: An Anthology,” which aims to “examine the range and nuance of experience related to scars of the body,” features five writers from Little Rock, including Erin Wood (also the book’s editor), Jason Wiest, Phillip Martin, Andrea Zekis and Lea Clyburn. Released by Little Rock publishing outfit Et Alia Press, the book features 40 contributors on a wide range of topics: “self-mutilation, creating art, gender confirmation surgery, cancer, birth, brain injury, war, coming of age, pain, and love, all focusing on the central question of what it means to live with physical scars.” New York Times columnist Lisa Sanders writes: “If scars are the memory of pain, then this volume is a body of those memories recollected as stories — stories as compelling, as vivid, as dramatic as the thing, the scar, itself.”

The book’s launch party is tonight at Sway from 6-8 p.m., featuring drinks, hors d’oeuvres and readings by a few of the local authors included.