I am a person who loves all different kinds of food. I love trying new kinds of cuisine and finding new restaurants that create one-of-a-kind dishes…but sometimes all I want is a hamburger. And I don’t mean just any kind of burger, I want a thick, juicy burger made with fresh meat and veggies. The sort of burger that requires multiple napkins.  I want every bite to be as good as the last, and I want it to be memorable. Well, this past weekend, I went to the Dugout Sports Bar & Grill in Hot Springs and that is exactly what I got, plus more!

The Dugout is located on Airport Road in a space that previously housed the Grandpa’s Catfish. The atmosphere is pretty much like your average bar and grill, but a significant remodel has given the place a fresh look that differentiates it nicely from its previous. With college and professional football season underway, I predict that the fun and friendly atmosphere will prove very popular with sports fans looking for good food and drink during the game. Keeping with the sports theme, all the servers wear baseball socks and tees, and everyone was super friendly


For my appetizer I chose the Cheese Fries, because who doesn’t love cheese fries? I mean come on, they are pretty much a bar-food staple, but what enticed me to try these was the fact that they are hand-cut. They not only had the normal shredded cheddar on top but also came with a thick creamy sauce on the bottom. Enjoy these with a side sampling of Ranch dip. You won’t be sorry.

My entrée was very hard to pick. The menu is small, but I actually like that about the Dugout. They have a good selection of burgers and hot dogs, and also have a choice of tacos and burritos as well. After much deliberation, I chose the California Burger mainly because it comes with slices of avocado. When it arrived at the table my mouth fell open. This burger was HUGE! The bun was toasted, the burger itself was juicy and delicious and all the veggies were fresh. Our server was very friendly and attentive and we were greeted by the manager who was happy to answer all of my questions as well.


Overall, if you are looking for a chill place to go watch a game on the weekends, or if you are just in the mood for an awesome burger like me, check out The Dugout Sports Bar & Grill. You won’t be sorry—and you won’t leave hungry.