What’s this? The folks at the Arkansas Times asked if I would tell you all a little bit about Made by Few, which starts tonight? That’s how you start a good blog post, Arkansas Times. And sure I’ll do it.

So, yes, tonight marks the launch of the fourth annual Little Rock design/web/tech/friend-making/life-changing (at least for me) conference, Made By Few. This is organized by local design and development firm Few. Nice guys and gals there. I understand registered guests this year include over 250 folks from over 30 states and at least one country. But this isn’t just a milling about kind of conference. There will be speakers, too. Ever heard of Etsy? Their Creative Director will be there to craft a great presentation. What about a little thing called Spotify? Lead designer ready to rock. And don’t stop there, want to learn a thing or two from the co-founder of OK Cupid? Fall in love with this idea: you can. Even the inmimitible Aaron Draplin is returning this year. These folks plus a number of other speakers are on the rooster for this year’s conference. I implore you to check out the list on the website on your desktop or mobile device because you know what? Their website is responsible. #profesh

Those who are motivated, like an animal, by food, may like to know there will be much of it, provided to you. You don’t even have to ask for it. Everybody gets a name tag if they’ve registered. And that gets you food. This is such a life! Food and beverages are coming from the woodwork all three days from Lost Forty, Whole Hog, Gus’s, Boulevard, and others.

You’ll see me there. I’ll be hosting the design competition Designed by Few Friday night. Three of Arkansas’s’s best designers thrown into a ring (row of tables) to thrash about at each other violently (via their chosen graphics programs) to see who designs the greatest for a cause, this year benefiting the Thea Foundation. Be there or be t-square (old designer’s joke).


Truth be told, this is billed as a conference for “makers of the web” but don’t be turned away if you’re not familiar with web making. I just learned about the web 6 or 7 years ago and I feel right at home with all these smiling, mostly bearded, faces. Come and let’s get creative with it all! Registration is open until midnight tonight.

Was that good, Will?