I was out of town this weekend, and thus missed what everyone tells me was the biggest and best version of the Main Street Food Festival that the city of Little Rock has held yet. I can recall years where a cold rain dampened spirits, but this year was a festival of beautiful weather and almost 50 vendors serving up food truck grub on a five-block stretch of Main. Lucky for all of us, Eat Arkansas alum Kat Robinson was there, and she wanted to share some pics with all of you. 

When I first moved to Central Arkansas in 2007, Main Street was a veritable ghost town. Now, construction is ongoing, and the entire strip is, for the most part, alive and thriving. It’s been such an exciting process to see, and things are getting better and better all the time. 

From Kat’s post on Tie Dye Travels:

The weather was perfect (maybe a little chilly for my daughter, who decided to wear a sundress) and the air was crisp and for five blocks, people celebrated food in this city in a communal way. This festival is exactly the sort of thing this city needs, and exactly the sort of experience so many of us have been craving. I’m glad it’s ours to claim.

Did any of you make it out? If so, how was it? Little Rock has some of the best food trucks in the country, so I imagine it was fantastic. Let us know your thoughts down there in the comments.