Happy Friday everybody! It’s that time of year when the weather can’t seem to decide if its summer or fall, but given how covered my front porch has been with oak leaves, I’d say the hot weather is about done for. In any case, the weekend is on top of us again. 

There are a few things coming up that I think sound like a lot of fun, and you all tell me what you’re getting up to over the weekend. Or if you’ve eaten something you need to tell the world about.


*Governor’s Culinary Challenge: The Arkansas Governor’s Culinary Challenge debuted in April 2013, and I think it’s a great event. The first time I ever tried Capi Peck’s strawberry shortcake was at this event. It’s a good chance to see some the best cooks around do their thing. This year’s event will be held October 19 at 6:30 p.m. down at the Capital Hotel. Tickets are $100, and proceeds go to benefit the Thea Foundation.

*Main Street Food Truck Friday: Did you miss the Main Street Food Truck Festival last week? Just a reminder that Main Street hosts trucks every Friday. Today’s line-up includes El Buen Gusto, El Cubano Loco, Hot Dog Wieners and The Pie Hole. I’ll forgive you if you stopped reading their and are now speeding away toward Main.


*Cupcakes for Goodness Sake: On Sunday, October 11th, CareLink is hosting a cupcake event at their place. Local bakers will be showing their stuff, and proceeds go to benefit Meals on Wheels. The event runs from 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

*Beer before swine: And a gentle reminder that the Arkansas Times is hosting our annual Craft Beer Festival October 23, from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at the Argenta Farmers Market Plaza in North Little Rock. Tickets are still available. We’ve also got some hogs to roast on November 14, so grab your tickets to that here. And if you want to roast a pig yourself, contact phyllis@arktimes.com.


We know you’ve got great plans for the weekend, so let us all know what you’re doing. Are we missing out on something fun? Let us know about it.