Brian Chilson

When I talked to Damgoode Pies owner Jeff Trine a couple of weeks ago, my first question was “So are you ever going to reopen the Kavanaugh store or what?” The past year has been a busy one for Damgoode, first with the opening of the River Market brewpub location, then with all the construction going on down by the Cantrell location. In the midst of all that, Trine and company shut down and gutted Damgoode’s original location in Hillcrest, and from the sounds of things, there was a significant amount of work that needed to be done.

That work is now just about done. Word from Damgoode is that the Kavanaugh store will reopen on October 16. New features available include a brand new bar and tap system where Damgoode’s popular craft brews will be available. “We wanted to make it as nice a place as possible without making it a nice place,” Trine told me with his signature self-deprecating laughter. 


All that appears to be keeping the doors shut are a few last-minute inspections, but after opening 6 different Damgoode locations, I reckon those guys know how to pass an inspection. Welcome back to Hillcrest, Damgoode. I’ll have a hand-tossed Underdog, if you please.