At Little Rock’s I Love Juice Bar, healthy living doesn’t mean a lack of choice. In addition to the excellent juice options available, the Juice Bar also offers a full line of hearty, delicious smoothies geared to suit any taste. Made with the same sort of fresh fruits and vegetables that are the signature of the Juice Bar menu, these smoothies are a delicious way to mix things up, especially for people on the go. And at I Love Juice Bar, there are tons of “superfood” add-ons available to pump up the nutritional content, making each smoothie a powerful ally in the fight to eat well and feel good.

Popular smoothie choices at Juice Bar include the Green Smoothie, a delightful blend of spinach, kale, pineapple, banana, lemon and apple that makes getting your daily dose of greens delicious and fun. For a protein kick, the Cocoa Banana adds in peanut butter and chocolate along with banana, spinach and coconut milk for a filling, tasty treat. Other flavors like Mint to Be and Berry Good ensure that there’s always something different to try, because Juice Bar understands that choice is a big part of keeping a healthy diet on track.

Want to push your smoothie experience up to the next level? Then take advantage of Juice Bar’s superfoods, because these additions not only allow the customization of each smoothie to match your dietary needs, they also serve as excellent ways to boost the healthy properties of each sip. Superfoods are “super” because they offer a superior amount of micro-nutrients per serving size—meaning each is packed full of the good stuff.

Here are some of the superfoods that Juice Bar carries:


*Goji Berries: This disease-fighting, anti-aging superfood helps provide energy, decreases blood pressure, improves circulation and sleep, and can lessen the effects of stress, anxiety and depression. 
*Spirulina: With four times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries, this superfood aids digestion, works as an anti-inflammatory, helps with body detox—and serves as an excellent source of protein.
*Chia Seeds: High in fiber, protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, this superfood lowers the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and serves as an excellent antioxidant.
*Wheatgrass: The wheatgrass at I Love Juice Bar is grown right here in Arkansas by Wheatgrass Express, so it’s some of the freshest around. Two ounces of wheatgrass juice has the nutritional value of five pounds of the best raw organic vegetables, and serves to cleanse the blood, neutralize toxins and help the body fight environmental pollutants.

These are just a few of the superfoods available to add a healthy kick to each smoothie at I Love Juice Bar. And the staff stands ready to help you decide on just which smoothie and superfood combination will best suit your needs—because keeping you healthy is just as important to Juice Bar as serving you delicious ways to do it.